Major mistakes when writing a resume

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Major mistakes when writing a resume

In our country, the demand for high-paying jobs is several times higher than the supply. And from that on the tables of employers every day there are piles of resumes of more and more new applicants for a vacant position. At the same time, it is important to fill out the resume correctly, because the employer has 2-3 minutes to read it, no more. In this article, we’ll cover the most common resume writing mistakes and how to avoid them.

1. Errors in the text

This is, oddly enough, the most common mistake job seekers make. Errors in the text dramatically spoil the general idea of ​​a person. There is some truth in this. After all, a person who does not know how to write correctly is unlikely to do his job as professionally.

2. A vague definition of your goal in this work

Often a person applying for a job filling out a resume writes some abstract goals in the “Purpose” column, which the employer can only guess about. For example, “Find an interesting job with a decent income.” How can an employer know what earnings are worthy of you? And then, everyone has different interests too …

Or, as an option, “I am looking for an interesting job that does not require special education, for example, a manager.” After such a goal setting, you may bring a smile from the employer, but not get the coveted vacancy …

3. A resume is not an autobiography!

Major mistakes when writing a resume

Major mistakes when writing a resume

Often, when writing a resume, instead of specifying exactly the qualities that are needed in this job, they begin to list all their achievements from school years. It is not right! It is unlikely that an employer will be interested in how many A’s you had in biology school, but he will certainly be interested in the places of your last job and what you achieved there. Remember that the resume shows the last 5-10 years of your career, but not your whole life.

4. “White spots” in the biography

It often happens that when reading a resume, one gets the feeling that a person for 3-5 years was just sleeping. No resume displays, no place of work. This may indicate either your carelessness, or that you are a very unlucky person. In any case, the company does not need such employees. Therefore, be careful when specifying dates on your resume.

5. Inaccurate contact information

Well, this is the worst resume writing mistake ever! Recently, more and more people are methodically sending resumes to all agencies in the country, without indicating the city of residence and “landline” phone. No matter how excellent you are in your field, the employer is unlikely to be looking for you. It will just move on to the next applicant.

Therefore, it would be more correct to indicate several ways to contact you. In this case, even if you lose your phone, move to a new apartment, change ICQ, the employer will still have a way to contact you. For example, by email.

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