Husband for an hour is a job for real men

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If you are a man in his prime, a jack of all trades with angelic patience, you can always earn extra money as a husband for an hour. What difficulties will you go through if you choose this type of earnings?

The services of home craftsmen appeared on the market several years ago, and now on each lamppost there are a dozen advertisements with offers to perform any male household work. And you can be sure that such an offer will always be in demand. Many of our contemporaries do not consider it necessary to bother themselves with homework.

They are sure that it is much easier and more efficient to entrust the installation of the mixer to a specialist, and spend the saved time on rest and entertainment, provided that it is possible to pay for both. And of course, the number of single women who mostly use the services of “husbands for an hour” is not decreasing.

So, if you need quick earnings with a minimum investment, and your hands are, as they say, “golden”, you may well try yourself in a new field.

First of all, prepare yourself for the fact that all your skills and abilities, natural talents and experience gained over the years will be required. Some clients will offer you to do work that requires high qualifications, while others may shift onto your shoulders a bunch of minor household breakdowns, imperfections, of which there will always be in any apartment.

Ask clients to think about and create a list of tasks in advance so that you can ergonomically allocate time and effort. In addition, the “master for an hour” will fully experience all the shortcomings of the domestic housing stock.

Mansions of the century before last, morally obsolete, but retaining physical strength; buildings of the Soviet period, intended for temporary residence, and therefore molded “from what was”; modern new buildings, famous for the originality of engineering solutions made by diligent guest workers – no one knows what the master will face when replacing, say, an ordinary outlet.

“Husband for an hour” – work for real men

And if you are not confused by technical difficulties and physical fatigue, then here is another task for you – to establish contact with the client. Just imagine. Most often, the customer is a woman, and, as a rule, single.

Not all of them are distinguished by their delicacy. On the contrary, they consider it necessary to give you as many valuable instructions, advice, explanations as possible, controlling your every action. If you do not follow them, they may be accused of dishonesty, refuse to pay for your work. In addition, most clients invite a “husband for an hour” in order to save money, because the services of a specialist working “for himself” are much cheaper than the masters from house management.

But on the other hand, when you come to the house on an order made on a mobile phone, you cannot guarantee that the stool you have mounted will serve for many years. As a rule, the parties do not draw up or sign any legally binding papers. There is only one way out – to be able to agree. You do not need to ignore the wishes of the owners, it is better to explain how and what, and why exactly it will be done by you.

Your competent comment will inspire confidence in you as a specialist. At the same time, remember that you have the right to be paid fairly for a job well done. Agree on payment before the order is completed and let the compromise satisfy both parties. Good luck!

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