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How to get a job

Despite the fact that the peak of the financial and economic crisis has already passed (although experts do not exclude its second wave), provide yourself with a stable high-paying job not everyone succeeds.

Search good work may take quite a long time. At this stage, the most important thing is not to be lazy, not to lose heart, but to stubbornly and consistently go towards the cherished goal.

Job search methods it is necessary to conduct simultaneously in all possible directions, from the Internet and viewing advertisements in the media, and ending with conversations about this problem with relatives and friends.

Based on search queries on the Internet from both sides (both the employer and the applicant), in 2010, four such specialists clearly were in the lead: driver, manager, salesman, accountant. There are most vacancies here, but competition is also higher. If you fall into this group, you are just in luck, all that remains is to beat the competition! How to do this, we will consider further.

Let’s say you have passed the first stage and found some suitable vacancies. If you have multiple options, you can write a letter to the employer to get ahead of the competition. What exactly and how to write a letter to the employer? The main meaning of such a message should be to convince the future boss that you are able to perform all the functions assigned to you and that he will not find anyone better than you. Just don’t overdo it. And remember that he will make the final decision after a personal conversation with you.

It’s time to prepare for a conversation with your future employer. How to make sure that you are hired? How to get a job interview? How to convince an employer that you can handle the expected responsibilities. It happens that you have to convince yourself of this first of all. But this is extremely necessary because the person hiring you will involuntarily feel your insecurity, no matter how hard you try to hide it. It turns out like Stanislavsky: I DO NOT BELIEVE!

How to get a job

How to get a job

Now answer yourself the question: who does the employer want to see in the future employee? First of all, he is interested in the result, whether you are able to do the job efficiently and without excessive control. It doesn’t matter to him how many hands and heads you have, what color your eyes are and what you think about this or that occasion. For him, the main thing is not to make a mistake and accept exactly the person who will not add unnecessary trouble to him, but, on the contrary, will free him from a whole series of questions, take them upon himself, and he will only occasionally control you.

If before you came to the enterprise or organization, someone had already worked at this place, then the employer will try to discern in you the production features that are similar to the previous employee, he has a fairly clear idea of ​​who should work in this place. But if you have to take a new position, the one who hires you, as it were, tries on a range of responsibilities and job descriptions and asks himself: “Will this candidate cope?” Think about it.

It happens that one of the important requirements of the employer is the gender and age of the candidates. This item is usually set offhand, based on the employer’s own beliefs and ideas. If you do not fall into the specified category, convince the interlocutor that your age is not a hindrance, that the absence of bad habits has allowed you to maintain good health, that you have sufficient physical strength and endurance, and in terms of clarity and diligence you can give odds to any young man. If the employer himself does not focus on these requirements, then you do not take the initiative, bypass them.

In a conversation with an employer, never argue, do not “ask for trouble,” but convincingly and intelligibly explain why you think that you will cope with your future job. Give examples from your own practice, show your achievements: held complex negotiations, attracted new customers, implemented and configured such and such a system, reduced costs for … etc.

Do not in any way assume that you will be successful immediately. This primarily applies to young graduates of educational institutions who have no work experience. The latter, it happens, still sin with the thought that they will be taught everything at work. They say: “Teach, and I will do everything!” Nobody is obliged to teach you. You have to do everything yourself, including learning. It is better to ask the employer if it will be possible to stay late at work for the first time in order to master such and such a program, to study more deeply the work of any mechanism or something else.

Successful and best job search provided for those whose head is constantly occupied with this most important thought. Do not allow yourself to relax, accept, stop active actions. Remember the proverb: “water does not flow under a lying stone.” No one except yourself will help you get out of a difficult situation and will not put everything on ready on a silver platter. An alternative option is even possible – temporary work, but without canceling the active search.

Unfortunately, it is impossible to cover all the subtleties of employment in one article. I hope you will complement my considerations. This process, if I may say so, is a creative business. And you need to approach it just like that, with invention, good mood, with passion. (It’s good to say this to someone who has something to eat!) And yet it is so! I wish you the fulfillment of your cherished dream! Successful searches!

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