You are not a student? Take advantage of the University Restaurant For Cheap Lunch.

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If you are not a student, the CROUS may not mean anything to you.

And yet, it could turn out to be a godsend!

In fact, this organization, which is mainly geared towards students, has set up in most student cities, university restaurants where you can get a full meal for really (but really) inexpensively.

Find out how to take advantage of it even if you are not a student.

eat at CROUS RU

How to do

CROUS is primarily intended for students, it’s true. It works, at different levels (accommodation, studies, food …), to make life easier for students and above all to make it cheaper.

But these restaurants are not only for students ! Anyone can enter it.

The RU (University Restaurants) of CROUS therefore offer a complete meal from € 3.15 ! The dishes are relatively varied, and you can make your choice: pizza and fries, or rather small vegetables and fish. Everything is customizable !

The € 3.25 “formula” offers several complete assortments in the form of points (several signs detailing all this in all the CROUS).

If you decide to take more stuff than your points give you, you’ll pay more, but rarely more than 5 € (and you have to have a lot of appetite!).

Some students pay with their student card directly, but anyone can pay with cash or by credit card!

A university canteen near you?

There are already 15 in Paris, but you can find it in most large student cities, that is to say Lyon, Strasbourg, Bordeaux, Nantes, Marseille …

To find the CROUS near you, the CROUS in each city (if there is one in your city) provides details of the RUs in the city in question on its site (example: for the CROUS in Paris).

If you are very hungry for lunch, and not a lot of money, now you know where to go!

Your turn…

Do you know any other tips for cheaper lunch? Share them with us by leaving a comment. We can’t wait to hear from you!

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