WWOOFING to travel green and inexpensively around the world.

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Travel is a passion for many, but you can’t always afford it.

We offer you a series of tips to explore unknown lands without spending too much.

Among these there is wwoofing.

Wwoofing means to wwoof, that is to say world wide oportunities on farms.

Translated into French, it gives: opportunities worldwide in organic farms.

How does it work? The principle of wwoofing is discover a region, a country, while participating in the work of an organic farm in exchange for room and board.

The love of nature and natural products lead to want to be interested in the techniques of production, or organic breeding. If this passion combines with that of travel, wwoofing is for you.

Based on a principle of exchange, you help the farmer while learning how the farm works in a healthy and natural place.

You will thus discover a new form of agriculture, even a new culture and share for a few moments the daily life of the people who welcome you to their tables and to their homes.

A site allows you to register as a wwoofer or as a wwoofer host, whether in France or in all partner countries.

By registering, you can therefore discuss with the owners of the selected farm, in order to agree on the arrival, the duration of the stay.

A charter is available in order to have all the information on the progress of the wwoofing.

So as a participant, you discover the work in an organic farm, a geographical place often located in the middle of nature and you are accommodated and fed by your host who will be happy to transmit his passion, to know people from all walks of life.

I myself discovered wwoofing thanks to friends who have experienced it. They were very happy they did.

The only condition is not to see wwoofing only as free accommodation but as an exchange of knowledge, culture and well-being.

Savings Realized

Wwoofing can be matched with different types of trips.

There are no duration obligations, so you can go wwoofing for a week before exploring other parts of a country.

When you are curious, in love with nature and also want to discover the way of life of a region, this exchange is a good way to get to know people and not to spend money on food and accommodation while living an enriching experience.

This exchange is all the more interesting when you want to leave for several months, a way of traveling economically by giving a helping hand and the opportunity to get to know locals.

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