Why Home Delivery of Diapers is a Good Business Plan?

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Having your diapers delivered to your home: a solution that is both economical and practical offered by many websites. Since I tested this system, I have definitely adopted it!

280. No, I’m not talking about the famous Mac’Donalds sandwich. 280 is the average number of diapers that a Baby soiled each month …

And since I hate playing the donkey when I go shopping, I discovered a great system to buy my diaper packs: the internet. The net is indeed full of sites dedicated to childcare, all of which offer attractive offers, including delivery!

Clearance and Promotions: Diapers up to 50% cheaper

To take advantage of it, all you have to do is type “cheap diapers” into a search engine. Dozens and dozens of pages appear. It’s up to you to compare prices depending on the brand and size you are looking for.

Baby diapersLast week, I made a big order of Huggies diapers, offered at 50%. Instead of € 53.58 for 4 packs of 34 Size 3 diapers, they were displayed at € 26.79. Ditto for Sizes 4 and Sizes 5.

I didn’t hesitate for a second and ordered three lots (one of each size, just to have a head start for the following months).

And thanks to a discount code found on the internet, I was able to save an additional 5 € on the total of my order. So I paid € 75.30 instead of the € 160.60 displayed at the start.

Free delivery from 60 € of purchase

Finally, last advantage, and not the least, the 360 ​​diapers were delivered to me at home. Three days after the validation of my order, a delivery man put up the huge box (and even agreed to bring it back to me in the garage in front of my pleading look!). In general, the sites offer free delivery (at home or in Relay Point) from 60 € of purchase. Believe me, we are there quickly!

No matter how hard I look, I don’t see a single reason that could push me to go back and buy diapers in store, given the prices on the internet and the possibility of having everything delivered to my home.

How do you manage the purchase of your little one’s diapers? Leave me your testimonials in comments.

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