why economists advise to buy 10 days after Christmas?

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Like me, can’t afford to buy loads of new items this holiday season?

Wait a few days, you will save up to 50%!

The holiday season is always a fairyland of novelties and gadgets of all kinds that come out on the market: game consoles, kitchen utensils, clothes, food …

doing business after Christmas

The problem is, these items come with a price, and most of the time that price is way over our budget.

The solution? If you really want to treat yourself without breaking the bank, wait ten days after Christmas. As if by magic (the magic of Christmas, ha ha), the prices will have dropped by 20 to 50%! Here are some sure values:

1 Toys and games. From January 2 or 3, take the test at Joué Club or Toy’s R Us: all departments will be covered labels announcing discounts of 20% or “3 for the price of 2”, even on articles released the previous month.

I am a big fan of board games and always buy two or three at the beginning of January. Usually, until this time of year, I save the price of one of these games. There you go: 3 for the price of 2!

2. Champagne. I told you about it in a previous article: champagne producers, overwhelmed with unsold products, slash the price of their bottles just after Christmas. Now is the time to get very good vineyards for less than 20 €.

My advice: go for a walk in the champagne section of Leclerc, Monoprix and Super U at the start of the year. If you really want champagne at Christmas, buy it in January or February and wait until the next Christmas Eve – you’ll save a crazy amount of money.

3. The clothes. The sales start in mid-January, but from the very first days of the year, the shops cut the price of their unsold Christmas items, whether on sweaters, dresses, shoes …

So go for a walk around Celio, Zara, André and company. You will find there, without even looking too long, a whole series of unsold items whose price has been reduced by 50%. I don’t know about you, but I’ll be buying my new pair of sneakers in January.

And you? Do you plan to take advantage of this tip next year? Do you know of others to save all year round? Comments are waiting for you!

Savings Realized

Let’s do the math together. Imagine that, during the holiday season, you buy 3 bottles of champagne at 30 € each, a video game at 70 €, a dress at 40 € and a tie at 20 €. The total comes to you at 190 € (60 € + 70 € + 40 € + 20 €). In short, a nice sum of Christmas.

Now imagine that all of these items are sold at a 20% discount in January. You save a total of 38€ (190×20%). For me, this amount represents a week and a half of races. No more hesitation.

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