Why does car rental make it easy to reduce your transport budget?

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Do you live in a big city?

Do you not use your car every day?

Here’s why renting a car when you really need it is so much cheaper than keeping your vehicle.

Did you know that your car costs you € 4,000 per year on average?

These figures were obtained from the INSEE website (see the study) and the automobile budget of the French varies greatly depending on your standard of living as well as where you live.

What is certain is that the transport budget represents a very high share of the annual household budget: around 14%. It is the third after housing and food.

If you live in a big city, this solution should interest you. It is more attractive to rent a spacious car that can accommodate the whole family, rather than buying a large vehicle to maintain all year round.

If you’re tired of paying for insurance, paying tickets, being stuck in traffic, looking for a spot, constantly increasing gasoline, and the maintenance your mechanic charges you a fortune, then get rid of your car.

Yes, it is radical, but the solutions to live without a car on a daily basis are numerous and more obvious than one might think.

Public Transport For Cheaper Daily Trips

1. Faster

As for short trips in the city, going without your car and taking public transport may seem restrictive to you, but you will see that you will save time. Public transport is faster, especially at rush hour.

2. Compulsory 50% coverage

Unlike your car, public transport is covered at 50% by your employer.

3. Additional advantages

The advantage of having a public transport card such as the Navigo pass (which is now dezoned on weekends) is that it gives you access to other transport such as the Vélib, which is very practical for weekends or even to get to work (if you are athletic and don’t live too far from your job).

Rent a Car Occasionally

A romantic weekend? A trip to the countryside with the family? A trip to IKEA?

A car can be useful in a lot of one-off situations. We didn’t say never get in a car again. Here are the solutions for renting a car when you really need it.

1. Car rental between individuals: the flexible and economical solution

We have often spoken to you about renting a car between individuals. It’s ideal for a weekend trip or to go to IKEA. You will find cars from € 20 per day with drivy or ouicar.

2. Car pooling: The most economical solution.

To go on vacation or for a weekend, the cheapest is carpooling. This solution that we practice regularly has the merit of being user-friendly and very economical. On the other hand, it applies more to people who travel alone or as a couple.

To learn more about carpooling, discover our tip here.

Car pooling can also be practiced within a company and allow you to go to work with your colleagues by getting into their car. Some large companies already offer internal carpooling systems. Nothing prevents you from seeing if one of your colleagues lives near you to offer him from time to time to carpool with him. You share the cost of gasoline and travel together.

Even to go to IKEA, there is a carpooling system. Read our tip on this.

3. Short-term rental: The classic solution

Renting your car from a rental company is still often the only solution available. This solution is still much more advantageous than keeping your car all year round.

You can therefore rent a car from Hertz, from sixt for a short time and still save on your transport budget.

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