Why Correctly Inflate Your Car Tires.

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May 16, 2009

Eco-driving is not very complicated but it can be learned. To get started, have your car’s tire pressure checked monthly.

Does your car seem to run less well than before?

Immediately think about checking the condition of its tires, your safety is at stake!

Neither too much nor not enough, your vehicle’s tires must be inflated 0.3 bar more than the pressure indicated for the car.

Especially if your car is well loaded and you are planning a long trip to go on vacation.

Well-inflated tires allow better handling and effective braking in the event of a problem on the road.

And you, do you think you have eco-driving with your vehicle? Do you regularly have his tires checked? Let us know about your experience in a green comment.

Savings made

Eco-driving is above all economical. Driving with properly inflated tires allows them to wear out less quickly and achieve fuel savings of up to 10%.

I thus realize a double saving since I reduce gasoline consumption while avoiding regularly buying new tires.

It should be noted that in Europe, overconsumption of fuel as well as faster wear of tires generates additional costs of 10.6 billion euros per year.

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