Why buy a plane ticket on Tuesday?

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Are you looking for the cheapest plane tickets? What if I told you that by booking them on Tuesday, you were sure to get the best deals?

On Comment-economiser.fr, we have already given you some effective tips to find the cheapest plane tickets: compare low costs, book directly on the airline website, get a loyalty card … new good plan: Tuesday, it rhymes with savings.

To find cheap plane tickets, the choice of the site counts but the timing of which you buy matters too.

Tuesday afternoon, yes, but Why?

It is the American travel site FareCompare which explains to us that it is more advantageous to buy your plane ticket on Tuesday afternoon around 3 pm. After meticulously comparing the prices of airline tickets from many airlines, they released an overall trend indicating that Tuesday afternoon is the best time to book tickets.

They explained that the majority of airlines set their prices for the week around Monday evening. It is therefore not uncommon to find new very good rates from Monday evening to Tuesday early afternoon.

In general, preferential rates do not stay online for more than 3 days, either because everyone has jumped on them, or because it was a very short term offer. So the best period is not just Tuesday, it extends until Thursday, although it is better to be among the first to take advantage of the new rates.

And one last tip for the road: in the opinion of all experts, the best prices appear approximately 2 months (or 8 weeks) before the departure date. At this time, the companies already know if all the tickets will sell or not and can start to sell off the prices. No need to buy your trip too far in advance.

All you have to do is choose the site you want to buy from. You can find a cheap flight on Flight Exchange, Opodo, Expedia, Bravofly and so on, you are spoiled for choice. As long as it’s Tuesday!

What about you, do you have any other tips for low-cost travel? Questions about good travel plans? All this is of course in the comments that it happens!

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