What To Take For A Hike? The Indispensable Check-List To Never Forget Anything Again.

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Are you going to be hiking and camping soon?

You are quite right because the benefits of going green are scientifically proven!

Making your hiking bag may seem simple …

… until you are on the road and see that you have forgotten the most important thing!

Fortunately, we have prepared this checklist with all the essential equipment for hiking and camping.

With this list, you will never forget anything again, I promise! Look :

What to take on a hike? Complete list of equipment so you don't forget anything

To easily print this list in PDF format, click here.

Basic material

– Backpack
– Tent and sardines
– Sleeping bag
– Floor mat / inflatable mattress
– Small backpack for hiking
– Solar cream
– Flashlight (or headlamp) + batteries


– Walking shoes
– Sandals or flip flops
– Anti-blister socks
– Thick socks
– T-shirts
– Shorts
– Thick shirt
– Trousers
– Underwear
– Thermal clothing
– Rain gear
– Fleece / wool gloves
– Hat with brim
– beanie
– Clean clothes (for the return trip)

For hikes

– 1 liter gourd filled with water
– Matches / lighter
– Hiking map + compass
– First aid kit
– Whistle
– Rope (15 m.)
– Swiss knife
– Sunglasses

For group camping

– Stove
– Windscreen for stove
– Lantern
– Fire starter
– Matches or lighter
– Water filter (water purifier like this)
– Insect repellent
– Toilet paper
– Garbage bags
– Sewing kit
– First aid kit
– Water reservoir
– Bear-proof container
– Biodegradable soap
– Scratching sponge
– Towel
– Cooking tools
– Saucepan and pan
– Cutting board
– Pan clamp
– Food
– Spices
– Cereal bars
– Walkie-talkies

For winter

– Avalanche beacon
– Waterproofing shoes
– Waterproof gaiters
– Snow shovel
– Sunglasses
– Saucepan (to melt the snow)
– Tent poles for snow
– Trekking poles
– Snow shoes
– Crampons
– Ice ax


– Camera + memory cards
– Binoculars
– Bowl + plate
– Insulated mug
– Spoon + fork
– Toilet bag
– Aid kit
– Lip balm
– Books
– Moisturizer
– Pen + notebook
– Folding camping chair
– Walking sticks
– scarf
– Fishing equipment + license
– Waterproof bag

How to pack your hiking backpack?

How to fill your hiking backpack.

– First, put away your sleeping bag at the bottom of the backpack, for a light but strong foundation.

– Put on the heaviest objects (clothes, food and kitchen utensils) in the middle of the back in the main compartment, near your center of gravity.

– In men, the center of gravity is towards the middle back, and in women it tends to be located towards the lower back.

– Put on the lightest objects like your tent, your maps and hiking guides at the top of the bag. Likewise, keep the light equipment you will need during the day close at hand, such as your camera, water bottle, lip balm, etc.

Test your backpack to make sure everything is tidy! Take a few steps with your bag on your shoulders to see if you can walk comfortably.

Important: remember to place the heaviest part of your backpack closest to and towards the middle of your back.


List of equipment to take on a hike

There you go, now you are all set for an unforgettable hike and camping experience without unforeseen !

It’s still more convenient with a checklist, isn’t it?

And above all, don’t forget to respect nature and pick up all your waste!

Your turn…

Do you know other essential tips for camping? Tell us in the comments 🙂 We can’t wait to hear from you!

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