What to do when a store doesn’t want to refund you a credit note?

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Update: the Rachetemonavoir.com site no longer exists.

Have you been given a gift that doesn’t suit you? You want a refund, but the seller gives you a credit.

Problem: Nothing else you really like in the store. What to do with this credit note if we don’t want to reimburse you?

You would have preferred to have the choice of the store to find what you are looking for, but that is impossible. You are stuck. No matter how sweet you look at the store manager, you raise your voice, nothing helps. And that’s normal, traders are not required to reimburse you for your assets as explained in this article from the UFC Que Choisir.

Rather than buying out of spite yet another shirt or the least ugly pants in the store, know that there is now a much easier solution to get rid of your assets and not waste your money.

The solution: an asset exchange

Resell your assets

Getting reimbursed is very rare. So, rather than being forced to buy in a store that you don’t like, our partner Rachetemonavoir.com, puts you in touch with individuals to resell or buy assets.

Whether it is in-store assets, prepaid entertainment, smartbox style, gift vouchers or restaurant vouchers, you will finally be able to convert these vouchers into euros.

I sell my assets

You have a credit note from an H&M or FNAC store, but you cannot find what you are looking for in these stores and you prefer to be reimbursed? Or, have you been offered a smartbox that you won’t be able to use before the expiration date?

With Rachetemonavoir.com, you will be able to sell your vouchers in complete safety. This is a very good plan not to waste these perishable coupons and get your money back at the same time. An even easier way to get your money back.

I buy at a discount price in the store of my choice

Redeem your assets

If you want to get discounts in a store, this is a great plan, much like sales.

Thanks to the rachetemonavoir.com site, I buy a credit note online for a store where I am sure to find something I like.

I am looking on the Rachetemonavoir.com site, a credit note in the list of shops or other offers offered. Once my choice is made, I just have to select the one that suits me.

The price set by the seller is already a reduced price, so I can make huge savings on my future purchase. And, if you have the soul of a negotiator, you can even have fun bidding on the offers that appeal to you.

I can thus obtain discounts of up to 75% on my future purchase. I don’t even have to wait for the sales anymore and I can have fun all year round!

I love this concept which gives me complete freedom to sell my assets which I do not need!

So, if in addition, I can earn money by reselling them or buying them at a lower cost, I say yes right away! And you, what do you think of this good plan? Are you going to test it and talk about it around you? I look forward to hearing your comments!

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