what to do not to explode your travel budget?

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To continue traveling despite the increase in SNCF fares, there are a few tips that will help you save on the price of your tickets.

The basic rule when you want to travel by train is to do it as long as possible in advance. The closer to your departure date, the more ticket prices increase. If you are sure that your availability will not change, do not hesitate to anticipate. Prem’s tickets, for example, are a great bargain.

And when that’s not possible, before buying a full-pot ticket at the last moment, I usually take the time to check out ticket exchange sites, like trocdestrains.com or kelbillet.com. Many travelers who have reserved their seats in advance and are ultimately unable to leave resell their tickets at far lower rates than what you can find at the ticket office.

If you are under 30, you can also benefit from the 12-25 card. And yes, for the 30th anniversary of the TGV, the SNCF is offering a limited edition of the 12 25 card for those under 30.

Finally, if possible, try to leave outside school holidays and weekends. A departure on Tuesday allows for example to make real savings. Also be sure to choose less popular destinations. The savings on the price of your ticket will be that much more money for your vacation!

Savings Realized

The key word to save on your train tickets remains anticipation. The more you can plan your trip in advance, on dates that are not necessarily popular, the more advantageous you will obtain.

Also think about discount cards, like the 12-25 card, which can be very attractive if you travel even 2 or 3 times a year on a long trip.

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