What is a Partner Item?

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What is the difference between the good deals that we share with you on a daily basis and our so-called “partner” articles?

Our daily good plans

We select them freely, according to our favorites, and free of charge. Comment-Economiser.fr is an independent blog which helps its readers to save on a daily basis. No need to try, we are incorruptible.

Our partner articles

Alongside that, we write partner articles on branded products and services that we like. We only accept if these brands are in line with our values. It goes without saying that their product or service must be economical and of high quality.

To avoid any confusion, the mention Partner Article is always indicated in the introduction of the article. You can find a sample partner article here.

It is thanks to the remuneration of some of these partner articles that we can remunerate our super smart journalists, and continue to provide you with the best deals.

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