Wecab the shuttle service to Roissy or Orly really economical.

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Partner article: Taking a taxi to Roissy or Orly is not really in my budget.

But taking the bus or the RER is not always practical.

Wecab.com offers a shuttle service between Paris and Orly or Roissy Charles de Gaulle which allows you to share a taxi with others to divide the costs!

No more hassles

Who has never offered to share their taxi when leaving the plane to pay less?

I have already done this several times. Except it’s not practical at all. You have to take your courage in both hands and decide to go and approach complete strangers in the queue of the taxi. Then, do not be afraid to take several rakes.

And yes, you are unlikely that the first person you ask will go to the same place as you. Anyway, before I found someone who could share his taxi with me, I had a lot of trouble.

And then, I saw a Wecab ad in the metro. So I thought to myself that I was going to test the service for you and tell you.

What is WeCab?

It is a shared taxi service, a subsidiary of Taxis G7. To get to or from the airport, this is the new service to know.

I book my taxi online on wecab.com in a few clicks. As with a train or plane ticket, I pay online.

In my case, I was coming back from Roissy after going for a walk in my native Basque country. For two people, it cost me 38 euros and I added 3 euros for cancellation insurance.

Usually a taxi ride from Roissy Charles de Gaulle costs me between 50 and 60 euros when there is no traffic jam.

Obviously it is more expensive than the RER whose ticket costs 12 euros per person or 24 euros for 2 but it is a good alternative I find.

I know I would use it especially if I take an early morning plane or come home late at night and the RER is closed.

What I liked

When I got out of the plane, I called the number given by Wecab (a landline number so free) when I made my reservation, which told me where the taxi was waiting for me. So we didn’t have to queue. It’s handy when you land late and want to get home quickly.

We shared our taxi with a nice couple who were also using the service for the first time.

There is clearly a friendly side to this experience which is more pleasant than the atmosphere of the RER. In addition the taxi that we were sent was a large taxi, planned for 4 without crowding.

The taxi was already settled and that changes a lot of things. With a fixed price, it doesn’t matter how long you take, the cost of the trip is the same.

On my Wecab race, there were a lot of traffic jams on the motorway and an accident on the ring road near Porte de Clichy.

If we had taken a normal taxi we would have easily paid 90 euros or maybe more … And little bonus, on arrival I didn’t have to worry about whether I had enough cash, the race was already settled.


I have not tested the service to get to the airport (Paris – Roissy or Paris – Orly journey) but I know that it is enough to indicate the time at which you want to arrive and Wecab advises us one hour of departure and takes care of finding the other passengers.

So you can be sure not to miss your plane and the driver has time to collect the people with whom you share the taxi.

What do you think of the idea of ​​sharing your taxi? Does it make you want to get started? Give me your impression in the comments.

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