Washing Your Car Without Water to Save Water.

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Using new products developed by Sinéo and Lavéo among others, I can now easily wash my car without water!

These cleaning products are applied to the entire body, including plastics, windows, chrome and rims of all kinds.

They are used without adding water and do not require rinsing.

Just spray the product on the surface to be cleaned, let stand a few moments, and remove the dirt with a microfiber cloth, washable 500 times.

A person washing his car with a micro-fiber cloth: Washing his Car Without Water to Save Water.

Savings made

By saving an average of 200 liters of water per wash, the waterless car wash is a simple trick to considerably reduce your water consumption at home.

With 30 car washes without water, I save 6,000 liters of water on my bill!

Washing my car without water allows me to stop wasting thousands of liters of water every year.

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