Wash your car by hand without wasting water.

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Wash your car by hand without wasting water it is possible, not very difficult and in addition very economic in water.

At home, with only 4 cans of 5 liters of non-potable water preferably, a sponge and a biodegradable detergent, I can easily wash my auto efficiently while avoiding wasting a lot of water!

Also think about car washing without water at a specialist.

A smiling man who washes his car by hand: Wash your car by hand without wasting water.

Savings Realized

You should know that by washing your car at home without paying attention, I can consume up to 500 liters of water. Not very economical as a car wash.

A zero-waste car wash uses only 20 liters of water, compared to 300 liters of a roller wash, or 60 liters of water from a high pressure wash.

Washing your car yourself without wasting water is a smart stingy trick to spend less water at home and save a car wash at a specialist.

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