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It is not always possible to buy train tickets in advance.

When we have not been able to organize and buy train tickets several months in advance, the prices are exorbitant and we do not have much choice.

As train tickets are neither exchangeable nor refundable, we are often stuck.

So how do you manage to buy your tickets cheap AND at the last moment?

Buy them from an individual on

SNCF train ticket

It’s simple, you just need to know the site. You can exchange your train tickets there to travel anywhere in France and even to London. And yes, trocdestrains also works for the Eurostar.

The principle is simple, the site connects a buyer and a seller. So he walks if you are looking to buy a ticket but also if you have a train ticket that you will not use.

In this case, you can resell it on the site. If you have a non-exchangeable, non-refundable ticket, no problem either: sell it on the site and buy another with the money you received from the first one.

When tickets are too expensive on the SNCF website, check out trocdestrains, thousands of Internet users are already exchanging their tickets there, so it is quite easy to find happiness!

Savings Realized

savings with clever

By buying or reselling your train tickets on trocdestrains you will avoid paying super expensive tickets when you decide to travel at the last moment.

You will be able to find tickets at bargain prices.

If you ever can find the ticket you are interested in, you can always see on kelbillet. Another cool site to redeem tickets.

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