Traveling with One piece of hand luggage by plane is traveling smart.

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One tip for smart travel is to limit as much as possible the number of bags to be checked in when taking a plane.

More and more airlines, especially “low cost” airlines now charge for checked baggage.

To avoid paying extra when you fly, try to leave with just one luggage hand full!

Better to travel with one piece of hand luggage

How to do

1. First of all, your hand baggage must not not exceed 10 kg.

2. Then, the maximum dimensions must not not exceed 55 cm height, 40 cm width and 20 cm depth.

Where can I find luggage of this size?

You don’t have luggage of this size? Then maybe it is time to invest. If you are looking for a not too expensive and affordable one, I recommend this one:

Cheap cabin suitcase for airplane

But before you spend your money in a new suitcase, there is something you should know.

If you have a backpack or canvas bag (not hard) that is slightly larger than 55 x 40 x 20 in size, the airlines will be a lot less careful.

There is therefore a good chance that you can still fly at no extra cost.

And here’s how to pack your suitcase so that everything fits in!

Savings made

Traveling smart with just one piece of hand luggage saves hundreds of euros and even more, if you travel often.

When packing at home, consider limiting what you take to save on the cost of your plane ticket.

Avoiding recording 2 luggage at Ryanair, it’s 100 € to save! At Easyjet, it’s still € 22 more per piece of luggage.

This stuff is a matter of habit. Travel light, it’s not complicated and it saves money.

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