Travel smart & cheap in Europe with the InterRail Pass.

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Don’t know where to go this summer? So much the better. Thanks to the InterRail Pass, enjoy 30 European countries at once. A good plan for smart and cheap travel in Europe.

It left for a tour of Europe at the option of chance. Pack your bag, take your InterRail pass, and draw a straw to know if you will rather start with Italy or Germany, or change your mind as you wish and finish in Bulgaria.

What is the InterRail Pass? It is precisely this post that will allow you to to travel by train in thirty countries different in Europe. No need to organize your trip in advance, let your inspiration guide you: you just do validate your InterRail Pass for real train tickets for each new destination and you just have to get on the train.

Whether it’sone country that you want to go back and forth, or many, there are various formulas that allow you to do so.

Where can I buy the InterRail Pass? In all the usual places to buy a train ticket: on, or in shops and stations SNCF, and even in agency of travel.

Savings Realized

here are the two options possible with the InterRail Pass :

1. You want to visit many countries of Europe: it is the Global Pass you need. From 169 euros if you are under 26 years old. If you want to leave up to a month, the price will be 619 euros for an adult or 409 euros for a person under 26 years old.

2. You want to visit one country in Europe: choose the One Country Pass. In this case, the prices of train tickets vary depending on your destination and the length of the journey. Know that for under 26 there are reductions, as for the Global Pass.

The advantage of the InterRail Pass is that you can cheap travel in Europe for your vacation. In addition, you could not have afforded, in terms of budget, to visit so many countries in such a short time. It is therefore a good plan which will make you discover Europe by train at a low price.

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