Top 26 Tips That Every Traveler Absolutely Must Know. The N ° 21 is Essential!

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Are you going on vacation?

So you know that even on vacation, the little hassles are there!

Luckily, there are some helpful tips and tricks to help you travel lightly.

We have selected for you the 26 best tips that will make your next trip easier:

1. When booking a flight or hotel on the Internet, use private browsing. Why ? Because travel sites track your visits and raise prices, just because you’ve been to the site before

Use private browsing to keep prices from going up on travel sites

2. To avoid wrinkled clothes in the suitcase, use paper tissues

Use tissues to avoid wrinkling clothes

3. Save space in the suitcase by rolling clothes rather than folding them

Save space in luggage by rolling clothes

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4. A pillbox is ideal for storing your jewelry

Store your jewelry in a pillbox so you don't lose it on vacation

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5. A glasses case is perfect for storing a charger and headphones.

Use a glasses case to store iphone charger in the bag

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6. Put your socks in your shoes to save space

Store socks in shoes to save space in the suitcase

It also works with underwear but don’t forget to put them in a plastic bag before putting them in the shoes!

7. Use straws to easily carry shampoo, toothpaste, sunscreen …

Use straws to carry toothpaste and shampoo easily

To reseal the straws, use a lighter to heat the end of the straw or a sealing machine like this.

8. Store your soap in a washcloth

store your soap in your glove when traveling

9. Store your shoes in a shower cap

Use a shower cap to store the shower cap in the suitcase

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10. Wrap your headphones around a clip to prevent tangling.

Prevent headphones from tangling while traveling

You can also use a hair clip.

11. Keep your hair clips handy in a Tic Tac box

Store bars in a ticking box so as not to lose them

12. Use a belt to prevent your collars from crashing into the suitcase

Use a belt to keep shirt collars from wrinkling

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13. Use a pen spring to prevent your cable from bending and breaking in the case.

Use a pen spring to protect charger cable

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14. Use Google Maps without connection by typing “OK Maps” so that the visible part of the map is saved

register google aps offline

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15. Keep an empty plastic bottle with you and fill it up after going through security instead of having to buy an expensive one at the airport.

Keep an empty plastic bottle in your suitcase to fill it up after security

16. When reserving seats for two people, choose an aisle seat and a window seat. If no one takes the middle seat, you’ll have the whole row to yourself. If a person is in the middle, just have them swap seats so you can sit next to your partner

How to have more room on the plane

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17. If you forget your wall outlet, you can charge your smartphone (or other devices) via the USB port of the TV

How to charge smartphones via usb TV when you have forgotten it

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18. Use your smartphone’s camera. No need to carry around a camera!

Using your iphone's camera

19. Connect for free to all Wi-Fi around the world with the “Wifi-Map” app on iPhone and Android

Use the Wifi Map app to have wifi passwords on vacation

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20. Take a power strip with you and become a hero for other travelers

Take a power strip on vacation to charge your electronics

21. Take a picture of your important documents before you leave and send them to yourself by email

take pictures of your travel documents

If you lose or have your passport, identity card or driver’s license stolen, you will be able to access a digital version from any computer. Very useful to avoid administrative problems! Use your smartphone to take pictures of them.

22. Buy your tickets on Tuesdays at 3 p.m., 6 weeks before your departure to take advantage of the best prices

When to buy your plane ticket at the best price?

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22. Avoid having leaks in your toiletry bag

Avoid product leaks in the suitcase

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23. Use a fabric storage shelf to quickly pack and unpack your suitcase

How to pack and unpack your suitcase quickly

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24. Remove tourists from your vacation photos

the trick to erase tourists from travel photos

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25. Don’t leave your toothbrush lying around

Use a clothespin to hold your toothbrush

26. On the last day of your trip to a foreign country, take all your change and give it to someone in need.

Give your small change to someone in need

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