Top 10 Least Consuming Cars in 2012.

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The crisis, purchasing power, the price of gasoline … if your car consumes too much, here are the top 10 current cars, all beautiful and above all very cheap in gasoline consumption.

Purchasing power increases as your gas mileage decreases, among other things.

Taking the car to go to work becomes a luxury that we question.

And rightly so … isn’t it better to go to work by bus, bike or metro?

Budget issue, and environmental protection issue as well.

Yes, of course, but when the route allows it. If you only cross country roads and you are 20 km from the office, I would not advise you to go there on foot. At comment-economiser, we are not torturers, we want to simplify your life at a lower cost! And maybe it’s time to invest in a new car and save money afterwards.

The Top 10 cars that consume the least on the market

1. The Smart Fortwo

Very cute, very little, super practical for parking in a pocket square, this diesel car, 3 hp, is also the one that consumes the least: 3.3l / 100 km in town and the same for mixed consumption! Who says better ? My little Citroën C3 consumes 7l / 100 km, that makes you think …

2. The Seat New Ibiza

Diesel too, 4 hp, it only consumes 4.1l / 100 km in town and 3.4l / 100 in mixed consumption.

3. The Skoda Fabia Sedan

Same consumption and same power as the previous one, this diesel car will make people happy with the economy. It’s just a matter of taste. Which one do you prefer ?

4. The Renault Twingo

This one has been on the low budget car market for a long time: 4 hp too, it also consumes 4.1l / 100 km in town and 3.4 l / 100 km in mixed driving.

5. Volkswagen Polo

In diesel. 4 hp and same consumption as his previous friends.

6. Lexus CT 200h

This time, it is a gasoline, 5 hp, which consumes 4.1 l / 100 km in the city. Just as much as a diesel car, it is possible.

7. Toyota Auris HS D Hybrid

A gasoline, 5 hp that consumes 4 l / 100 km in town, therefore a little less greedy than the Lexus CT 200h.

8. Toyota Prius Hybrid

One gasoline, same power and same consumption as the previous one. An additional original profile.

9. Fiat 500 Twin Air

A very cute car with feminine lines, a good alternative to the mini. 4 hp and 4.9 l / 100 km in the city. A little more greedy but so cute!

10. Nissan Micra DIG-S

5 hp, this gasoline consumes 5 l / 100 km, it is perhaps the most greedy, but it always consumes less than my little Citroën C3, decidedly too epicurean this one!

So which one do you choose? Are you going to fall for the small Fiat 500 or the very mini Smart Fortwo? Tell me in your comments.

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