This House on Wheels Is Equipped With All Comfort and Can Sleep 6 People!

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Some people dream of living in a magical cabin deep in the woods …

… others dream of hitting the road and living in the great outdoors.

And there are also those who want to live these 2 dreams at the same time!

For these people, these incredible houses on wheels may be the solution. Look :

These small houses are mobile homes equipped with every comfort and which can accommodate 6 people at the same time!

Called “Rustic River Park Home”, these rustic houses are far from ordinary!

In fact, these houses are mobile homes, ready to hit the road at a moment’s notice or to camp deep in the forest!

Awesome isn’t it? Guaranteed sensations when you board one of these incredible houses!

Large Kitchen in the caravan

As you can see, Rustic River Park Homes are far from ordinary dwellings.

Indeed, these mobile homes are completely furnished and equipped with every comfort.

Each of these houses is tastefully designed, using wood house sidings in a classic and refined style. No plastic here!

But it is indeed the only “classic” thing concerning these unusual rolling dwellings.

Stylish interior design

Take a look inside these fully equipped mobile homes ready to sleep 6 people!

The interior design of each house is rustic and elegant, with solid wood paneled walls.

Each house is sold equipped with fitted wardrobes, as well as an elegant granite kitchen worktop.

The kitchen is surprisingly spacious, but it fits perfectly in this small space.

In addition, it is equipped with all kitchen supplies … and stainless steel please!

This house on wheels can sleep 6 people

This is the bedroom on the ground floor of the Rustic River Park Home mobile homes.

Behind the kitchen, the downstairs bedroom has a large window, perfect for letting in sunlight and illuminating the entire room.

Look at the bunk beds at the Rustic River Park Home on wheels.

But that’s not all. This cabin is also equipped with bunk beds to easily accommodate guests.

The master bedroom at Rustic River Park Home.

As for the master bedroom, it is located higher up, in the “attic”. This guarantees your privacy and frees up more space on the ground floor.

As you can see, although it is a “small” house, this house still has lots of space.

In fact, this caravan can easily accommodate 6 people at a time.

If you’ve ever spent some time in a mobile home, then you will particularly appreciate the space in this mobile home and being able to comfortably stretch your legs.

“The Chattahoochee”

Here is the patio with mosquito nets and outdoor furniture of the mobile home.

The model in the photos above is the “Chattahoochee”, which takes its name from a river in the southern United States.

But be aware that there are several other models, also beautifully designed.

Like most models, “The Chattahoochee” is 13m long and 3.35m wide – which means it can easily accommodate a small family.

So ? What is the price for all this comfort, for this incomparable style and this incomparable mobility combined in your future home?

I find the price to be reasonable: between € 28,780 and € 38,300 for a fully furnished mobile home ready to go!

The advantages of a mobile home

Why choose to live in a mobile home?

And you ? Can you imagine living in a motorhome like this?

Personally, with such a gorgeous RV, I really think I could!

You’ve heard about the benefits of living in a smaller house before.

But the little “plus” of this mobile home is that you can simplify your life, but without too much simplify it either.

Indeed, this leisure vehicle is more spacious than some apartments in town, that’s for sure!

This house also gives you an incredible feeling of freedom.

Anyone with the desire to travel dreams of living in a house where you can live comfortably AND discover the world AT THE SAME TIME!

It really combines the best of both worlds, right?

If you are interested in a Rustic River Park Home or want to know more about it, feel free to take a tour of their site (in English).

If you are interested in the concept of tiny houses, I recommend this book which shows beautiful little houses and explains how to build them.

Your turn…

What do you think of this recreational vehicle? Tell us in the comments if you could live like this with your family. We can’t wait to hear from you!

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