This Bag Transforms into a Beach Towel with Integrated Cushion! Discover the Tutorial Here.

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Here is a great tutorial that explains how to recycle a bath towel in beach towel with built-in pillow.

Originality? Buttons that allow you to fold the beach towel and to carry it in a bag.

This beach bag even has pockets to carry your sunscreen and your favorite book!

Don’t worry, this homemade project is really easy to doeven for people who only have basic sewing skills.

How to make a beach towel and beach bag 2 in 1?

What you need

2 terry towels (new or old, whatever)

a flap pillow

How to do

1. Take one of the towels and spread it out in front of the pillow.

2. Then, cut the edges of the towel, so that it is a little wider than the pillow (if necessary, you can always reduce the width later).

Lay the towel next to the pillow to point out the width of the cutout.

3. Take the other towel and wrap it around the pillow. Take care to leave a strip of the towel protruding along the bottom of the pillow.

Keep the cutouts that will be used to make the handles of the bag.

4. Remove the pillow and sew the first side.

5. Then, sew the second towel along the bottom of the pillow.

How to sew the pillow pocket of the beach towel?

Pin the piping for easier sewing.

How to make a beach towel with an integrated pillow?

Here are the steps to follow to make a beach towel with an integrated pillow.

6. And now, it’s time for the edging! Take six pieces of fabric and sew them together to make a strip the same length as the towel.

Prepare pieces of fabric to make the borders of the homemade beach bag.

7. Fold the strip in half along its entire length.

8. Then cut it lengthwise to make two equal strips.

To make the borders of your beach towel, use old pieces of fabric.

9. Fold each strip in half and iron them.

Cut the strip of patterned fabric in half to make a border.

10. Always with your iron, prepare a tuck of 1 cm on each side of the two bands, and this, over their entire length.

To make a tuck on your borders, fold a piece of 1 cm and iron.

11. Sew the two strips on each side of the napkin.

Sew the edges to the edges of the 2 in 1 bag.

12. Now roll up the pillow and towel to find the location of the bag’s pockets and handles.

The beach bag with integrated pillow rolls up easily.

13. Pin and sew the pockets on each side of the bag.

Add pockets to your 2 in 1 beach bag.

Take sunscreen and your favorite book to the beach with a 2 in 1 beach bag.

14. To make the handles, use the scraps of the towel that you cut to the width of the pillow.

Choose the dimensions of the handles that suit you. For my beach bag, I used handles 78 cm long and 15 cm wide.

15. Sew the handles.

Choose the length of the handles of your beach bag.

Sew the handles onto the beach bag.

The beach bag / beach towel is easily transportable.

16. Sew on the buttons …

The 2 in 1 beach bag with integrated pillow can be closed with buttons.

17. … And finally, sew the buttonholes!

The 2 in 1 beach bag with integrated pillow closes with buttons and buttonholes.

Pin the buttonhole in the location you want.


And there you have it, your beach bag that turns into a towel with integrated cushion is ready 🙂

Easy, isn’t it? In any case, I feel that you are going to make people envious on the page!

Here is the result of the 2 in 1 beach bag and beach towel.

With the beach bag you can carry your sunscreen and your favorite book.

The beach towel rolls up into an easily transportable beach bag.

Your turn…

Did you do this DIY project? Tell us in the comments if you managed to do it at home. We can’t wait to hear from you!

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