This 90 Year Old Czech Grandmother Transforms her Village into a True Open Air Art Gallery.

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February 13, 2020

A 90-year-old grandmother has set herself the goal of repainting her small village of Louka, located in the Czech Republic.

She spends every spring and summer adorning the doors and windows with majestic patterns.

Agnès Kašpárková, a former farm worker, uses bright blue and a small paintbrush to create beautiful floral designs.

These designs are inspired by Moravian artwork, a region in the south of the Czech Republic.

Look at the photos of this grandmother painting. Wouldn’t you like her to use your house as a painter’s canvas?


Czech grandmother paints flowers on the walls of houses


90-year-old granny paints flowers on a house on scaffolding


90-year-old Czech beautifies her village by decorating the walls of houses


90-year-old grandmother standing on scaffolding paints the walls of houses


90-year-old Czech grandmother sitting on the floor paints flowers on the houses


a frieze of blue flowers painted on a house


Elderly resident of Londa, Czechia decorates house with traditional patterns


traditional Moravian patterns painted on a house


every summer this old grandmother paints the houses of the village


a fresco of traditional Moravian motifs painted in bright blue


a window decorated with flowers and a frieze of traditional Czech motifs


a small bell tower decorated with blue flowers in the village of Londa


traditional Czech designs are painted in bright blue


a wall is decorated with blue painted flowers around a window


view of the small decorated bell tower in Londa, Czechia


Lying on the floor, the grandmother paints traditional patterns on the walls of the houses

Despite the admiration this grandmother elicits locally and on the internet, she insists that she paints just for fun.

“I am an artist,” she told Czech media. “I enjoy what I’m doing and just want to help.”

After all, age is just a number, especially when it comes to letting your creativity run free.

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