The Two Best Free And Smart Drink Holders For Your Car.

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March 11, 2018

Don’t have a drink holder in your car?

Don’t want to buy one or don’t have time to install one?

Fortunately, there are 2 surprising tips to quickly make a drink holder without spending anything.

tips for not spilling your drink in a car

Here are 2 really nifty free drink holders so you never have to spill cups, cans or water bottles when you’re in the car again.

1. A shoe in a drink holder

Use a shoe to hold cans and bottles upright

Worried about spilling your soda in your car? It’s true that you don’t always know where to put your drink. The simple trick is to lock it in your shoe. Your hands are free and you can make your phone call or eat your sandwich without any problem. As long as you are at a standstill of course! It’s still easier that way, right?

A roll of large scotch in a drink holder

Use a roll of large brown tape to hold cans and bottles upright

Did you not have time for your coffee this morning? It does not matter ! All you have to do is pour it into your thermos. And to avoid spilling it in the car, a large roll of tape will do. Place your thermos in it. Your coffee will be more stable than if you put it in the car without a stand. The little extra thing is that it also works with cans.

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