The Trick To Send A Letter Without An Envelope.

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No stamp or no envelope = no letter.

However, there is a trick that allows you to save envelopes.

Something not so new since it dates from the Great Russian Patriotic War. But it seems to have passed away.

Fortunately, we are here to bring it back to life.

The triangular letter

I, who communicate more by email than by mail, obviously no envelopes at home. But, during the holiday season, my grandmother demands letter-writing vows.

It was on the Internet that I found the solution, a half-century old solution: the triangular letter. It’s beautiful, isn’t it?

send a letter without an envelope with the triangular letter

What’s this ?

wwii triangular letter

It is simply abouta folding, invented by the soldiers of the Second World War in search of family and envelopes.

The letter scribbled on any blank piece of paper made itself as an envelope thanks to an ingenious triangular folding.

How to do

Here is the folding below:

folding the paper into an envelope

Before seeing the folding steps together, remember to write your letter on your A4 sheet first. It will save you from having to unfold it.

Here are the steps of folding the triangular letter, following the short instructions from left to right:

1. Lay your A4 sheet (already written) flat.

2. Take the top right corner of the sheet to fold it to the left to the edge.

3. Take the top left corner to fold it to the right to the edge.

4. Fold the bottom left and right edges of the sheet inward.

5. Finally, fold the sheet between the 3 triangles so that only one remains.

6. And There you go ! All that remains is to write the recipient’s address on the face of the large triangle. Here we go !

So that the letter remains well closed, I usually put a small piece of Scotch at the top of the triangular letter. That’s how I’m quiet.


1. Great savings

The triangular letter is the best way to save money on envelopes. 1 set of 100 ready-to-mail 20 g envelopes in Green Letter, costs 100 € !

green letter from the post office that costs 69 €

You do not believe me ? Look for yourself on the site of the post. And yet the green letters are the cheapest. Not bad the savings, right?

2. Very convenient

Wherever I am, a simple pen, a piece of paper and a stamp are enough to create a single letter and original.

A good way to please loved ones when traveling.

Receive a triangular letter without an envelope

Last little tip, thanks to its unusual shape, the stamp will rarely be stamped by post office machines.

Result? You can reuse the stamp!

Are you going to try the triangular letter experiment?

If so, tell us in the comments or better send us a small triangular letter (like Raphael’s below). It will make us super happy :-).

Here is the address of

Honolulu Media, 78 rue du Bac, 75007 Paris.

And it works ! The proof

Raphaël who lives in Bagnolet wrote us a nice card!

The whole team is very touched by his gesture. Thank you Raphaël :-).

Here is his letter sent without an envelope to our offices (coordinates hidden):

Letter from Raphael sent without an envelope

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