The trick to raising the toilet bowl without touching it.

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Need to raise the toilet bowl? But don’t want to touch it with your hands?

You are quite right. Because on public toilets, there are more than 40,000 germs per square centimeter!

And it is not better in some bars or some campsites.

Here’s the trick that works for men and women who don’t feel like getting their hands dirty:

Use the sole of your shoe to raise the bowl without touching it

How to do

1. Use the sole of your shoe to lift the bowl slightly.

2. Lift the cuvette completely.


And there you have it, you lifted the toilet bowl without getting your hands dirty 🙂

No germs on your hands!

It’s still cleaner like that, isn’t it?

Bonus tip

And not to touch the flush (when possible):

How not to touch the flush

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