The trick to cooling it down in seconds.

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When you leave your car in the sun, it quickly turns into a furnace.

Result, the interior of the cabin is unbreathable!

Impossible to sit down because everything is hot. You can’t touch anything, including the gear lever.

The temperature inside may rise to 70 ° C and over 85 ° C on the dashboard!

So how do you get the temperature to cool quickly without turning the air conditioning on?

The trick is toopen a window and open and close the opposite door several times quickly. Watch this Japanese video:

How to do

1. Open a window on one side of the car.

2. Leave all other windows and doors closed.

3. Now open and close the door opposite the window about 5 times quickly.


Temperature that has dropped in the passenger compartment of the car

And there you have it, with this trick, you have cooled the interior of your car in just a few seconds 🙂

No more furnace inside the car!

Convenient, fast and economical, isn’t it?

You don’t even have to turn the air conditioning on and spend gas for nothing.

Why does it work?

With this trick, the hot air in the car is expelled through the window while the cooler air enters the passenger compartment through the door.

In a few seconds, the temperature will drop drastically.

As you can see in the video, the temperature in the car drops from 41.6 ° C to 33.5 ° C i.e. + 8 ° C difference in a few seconds.

How to prevent your car from becoming a furnace in the sun?

Note that tinted windows hardly change the problem. After 10 minutes, whether you have tinted windows or not, the temperature will be very high. So no need to spend your money unnecessarily!

The same goes for sun shades like this that you have on the windshield. It’s only valid for a few minutes. But after an hour, if your car is parked in the sun, there is no longer any difference!

So what can be done to avoid the furnace in the cabin? The only effective trick is to park in the shade as much as possible. This is the best way to avoid having a hot interior.

Your turn…

Have you tried this trick to quickly refresh the interior of the car? Let us know in the comments if it worked for you. We can’t wait to hear from you!

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