The Top 10 Cheapest Flights to Go on Vacation.

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Do you want to go on vacation inexpensively?

So, a good plan is to know the 10 cheapest flights!

Here are 10 of the cheapest destinations at the moment.

This list is a great way to save on vacation.

And yes, after the accommodation budget, airfare is the second most important expense when traveling.

1. The cheapest flight: Marseille – London at 52 €!

cheap trip to london

Do you live in Marseille? If you haven’t visited London yet or want to visit a friend or family, the opportunity is too good not to take advantage.

The low cost airline, Ryanair, offers flights from € 52 including tax round trip.

2. Italy at a low price: Paris – Rome at 64 €

Cheap stay in Rome with Colosseum visit

Going to Rome for 64 € TTC, it is the opportunity to find a little sun in autumn when it will have already left our Paris region for several weeks.

I’m not even talking to you about the charm of Rome, or its pastas to die for.

Always provided by Ryanair, the flight from Paris Beauvais-Tillé airport is sure to change your scenery.

3. Always cheaper with a Paris – Dublin at 77 €!

stay in Ireland at lake connemara

On the third step of the podium is the city of Dublin and its Ryanair flight at € 77 including tax. Treat yourself to a stay in the beautiful land of clover, guinness, rugby and the lakes of Connemara.

4. The South in discount mode with Strasbourg – Nice at 101 €

Nice beach in summer

At the foot of the podium, the Strasbourg – Nice at 101 € is nonetheless a very good plan.

When you know the hassle of reaching Nice by train from Strasbourg, you know that the only quick option is by plane.

At € 101 including tax for the round trip, your stay in Nice and on the “French Riviera” starts off on the right foot.

5. In the Top 5, the Paris – Lisbon at only 115 €

Vasco de gama bridge in Lisbon

We end our Top 5 with a destination that I love, Lisbon at 115 € including tax.

The advantage of Portugal is that life is very cheap there. With such an inexpensive ticket and a very low cost of living on site, your travel budget will be at its minimum.

On the other hand, you will discover a magnificent country, an excellent gastronomy and a very nice people. In short, an almost unbeatable quality / price ratio.

6. Go cheap in the South-West with Paris – Biarritz at 118 €!

Biarritz cote des basque villa belza

Flying to the Basque coast is by far the best plan. By train you will take more than 5:30 am compared to 1:15 by plane.

And if you don’t have a 12-25 card, you won’t easily find round-trip train tickets to Biarritz for less than 118 € including tax, even with idTGV.

As an added bonus, this low-cost flight is operated by Air France from Orly.

7. An unforgettable and inexpensive stay with your Paris – Barcelona at 127 €

cheap stay view of barcelona

Another must-see destination in Europe. Barcelona, ​​between a unique architecture and an unparalleled sense of celebration, we are delighted that the capital of Catalonia is among this Top 10 cheapest flights!

With this easyJet flight at € 127 including tax, there is no longer any reason not to go on vacation or for a weekend to visit the capital of Catalonia and enjoy tapas in the sun.

8. The good travel plan: Nice – Prague at 130 €

Discount stay in Prague

Eastern Europe is the cheapest region in Europe. Take advantage of a cheap flight like this so that vacation doesn’t have to be expensive.

Insured by Czech Airlines, a member of the SkyTeam alliance, this inexpensive flight at only € 130 including tax opens the doors to Prague, the city of a thousand towers and a thousand spiers.

9. Travel cheap in Northern Europe with a Paris – Copenhagen at 133 €

cheap flight to copenhagen

Copenhagen, one of the most original cities in Northern Europe, is now reaching out to you. Going there for the weekend or for the holidays promises you great discoveries.

Facing Sweden, Copenhagen is located on the strait that connects the North Sea to the Baltic Sea. Between Continental Europe and Scandinavia, Copenhagen will open up new horizons for you.

This Air France flight at € 133 including tax will allow you to discover at a low price a city of sailors that you will not soon forget.

10. Relieve your wallet with a Paris – Tunis at 137 €

Low cost flight to tunis

Let’s finish this Top 10 in style by leaving Europe for the charms of Tunisia and its capital: Tunis. At 137 € including tax, being able to go to Tunisia at this price is a good plan not to be missed.

A very economical opportunity to relax on the Tunisian beaches, to test your negotiating skills in the souks and to enjoy the delicious cuisine of North Africa.

3 really cheap flights from Belgium

From Brussels, we have 3 economical destinations for you.

Keep them for your next trips, holidays or weekends, they are the ones for which plane tickets are on average the cheapest.

• The Brussels – Madrid flight operated by AirEuropa at € 92 including tax

• The Brussels – Lyon flight operated by Hop !, a low cost subsidiary of Air France, at € 94 including tax

• The flight Brussels – Marrakech operated by easyJet at 175 € incl.

The 2 cheapest flights from Geneva

I’m happy to add these 2 destinations among the cheapest in Europe.

Portugal is clearly a very inexpensive country and Porto is no exception.

Even cheaper than Lisbon, in Porto you can indulge yourself without being afraid of emptying your bank account.

Sweden is also one of the cheapest countries in Europe. However, its capital Stockholm is an overpriced city.

Take advantage of this flight to visit the whole country and do not stay in Stockholm, a magnificent city but not very recommended for small budgets.

• Geneva – Porto flight operated by easyJet at € 100 including tax

• Geneva – Stockholm flight operated by easyJet at € 90 including tax

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