The Tip To Succeed In A Slot Every Time (Revealed By A Bus Driver).

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May 11, 2019

Succeeding in a niche is the most difficult maneuver to do in a car.

Especially when there is a line of cars waiting to pass behind you!

The pressure is at its height. Result, we lose our means and we have to start the niche again …

Fortunately, here is the trick revealed by a bus driver to succeed in a niche every time. Look :

The best tip to succeed in a car niche every time

Click here to download the image and print it easily.

How to do

1. Stand two feet from the blue car, with your rear bumper parallel and the wheels fully turned.

2. Back up with the wheels fully turned until the red car’s license plate appears in your left-hand retro. It means that you make an angle of 45 °.

3. Now line up the wheels and back up.

4. Stop backing up when the front of your car has passed the bumper of the blue car.

5. Staying steady, steer the wheels fully to the left. Then slowly back up without touching the red car.

6. You are parked!


And there you have it, you have succeeded in your niche 🙂

This trick explains how to make a niche on the right but it works the same for a niche on the left.

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