The Surprising Tip of Avoiding HP at the Beach.

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August 26, 2014

Here is a user who found a trick to avoid paying for his parking space.

Or ? When? How? ‘Or’ What ?

Wait, wait, we’ll explain everything to you!

All you need to do is keep your parking ticket from the day before:

on vacation abroad, use the parking ticket from the day before to avoid a ticket

We take back :

Or ? Abroad, by the sea.

When? More like summer.

How? ‘Or’ What ? Abroad, the seashores see ephemeral car parks appear during the summer season. And we are far from French parking meters. Most do not allow the time or date to be displayed on the ticket.

So all you have to do is take the ticket from the day before and put it towards your windshield as usual. That way, you don’t risk the fine.

Obviously, the goal is not to make this trick a bad habit. Simply to avoid a ticket if you end up parking in the same paid car park as the day before (after hours of turning to find a free space).

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