The Really Simple Tip to Use Less Gasoline in the Car.

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Is the heat unbearable when you get into your car?

Suddenly, barely with the ignition on, you put the air conditioning on full!

It feels good, but it weighs on your gas budget.

Fortunately, there is a really simple trick to use less gas and stay warm in your car.

To keep your car from the heat, just put an aluminum sun visor on your windshield. Look :

use a sun visor when you park your car, it will be less hot inside

How to do

1. Get a sun visor like this.

2. Place it on the windshield inside your car, once you have parked your car.

3. Block it easily with the steering wheel, rearview mirror and sun visors of your car.


There you have it, your car is protected from the sun and it’s cooler inside 🙂

You therefore use less air conditioning in your car and you consume less gasoline. Hello savings!

Personally, when my car is parked, to prevent too much heat from building up in the car, I always think of placing several sun shades on the windshield and also on the door windows.

With a sun visor aluminized, I lower the temperature inside the car when it is parked.

So I can more easily avoid using the air conditioning when I leave. And I don’t suffer too much from the heat.

I therefore use less fuel and less money each time I park. My purchasing power benefits!

Your turn…

And you, how do you manage to consume less gasoline? Do you have any tips? Leave them to us quickly in comments!

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