The Rating Should Tighten, Don’t Wait Any Longer To Pass.

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The scoring system for the driving license exam is likely to become complicated quickly.

Getting your driver’s license quickly seems like a good decision to save money.

The inspectors passing the permit are not convinced by the current rating system, which is too lax for their taste.

So, barely a year after the license reform, the objective of which was to make the license cheaper and safer, the unions insist on toughening the examination in order to ensure better road safety.

To avoid being faced with a new, apparently stricter rating system, the trick is to prepare as seriously as possible for the license in order to pass it before the new reform.

For the moment, nothing is done yet but to believe the newspapers, the probability of a new overhaul of the license seems high.

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Savings made

Who says pass his license, says money and also says budget overrun.

We leave for 30 hours of driving but we always add a few more because we are not yet completely ready.

And then, when the exam date falls a few weeks after the end of the scheduled hours, as often happens, we add a few more just before the exam to be in good shape.

Licensing has a cost that is difficult to control, so minimizing it is not a bad idea.

By tightening up the scoring system, the risk for the candidate is to be failed but ultimately if it promotes road safety it is good for everyone.

On the other hand, indirectly, it may be that the learner driver has more hours of driving to overcome this new harsher scoring system. In this case the student risks paying more, but will he really be a better driver?

To avoid taking the unnecessary risk of paying more, try to pass the permit before the new reform, after all it is the inspector’s job not to give the permit if he considers that you are not ready.

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