the New Way to Repair Your Car Cheap!

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Faced with the often exorbitant prices charged by certain mechanics, a new, much more economical way of repairing your car has emerged.

These are the solidarity garages or association garages.

The principle

Their goal: to offer a new service so as not to spend all of your salary in repairing your car. I learned about this new type of participatory garage.

The principle is simple, we go with our car to the garage, we expose our problem to the mechanics present on site and we left for the repair!

The professionals are there to help you or guide you through the process so as not to mishandle.

repair your car alone with a solidarity garage

A system accessible to all

Everything is at our disposal in order to be able to carry out the vast majority of the work ourselves.

It is important to know that this practice is not intended only for the most DIY enthusiasts among us!

Everybody can perform many tasks because we benefit from the wise advice of a professional, who is next to us to help us if necessary.

Most of the operations can be carried out: draining, changing the air filter, changing the brake and disc pads or even changing the clutch.

Where to find them?

For more information and to find garages near you, go to the directory of association garages or to the dedicated site.

In order to go a little further, I decided to do a simulation to see if there is a real price difference between the traditional garage and these new participatory garages.

Savings made

Most of the savings made thanks to this participatory mode concern Workforce, which has become very expensive today.

Indeed, depending on your use of the garage services and the time spent, you will pay approximately between 6 and 10 € per hour.

This very important difference can also be explained by the fact that the garage provides us with both its premises, its tools and staff.

In addition, mechanics give a number of tips and advice to save on your car on a daily basis.

In the end, you just pay the membership fee to the association; they vary according to the garages, but the price range is generally between 10 and 30 €.

The solidarity or associative garage is therefore a good way to save on the cost of repairing his car, in addition to being a totally unexpected experience.

Your turn…

You have tested solidarity garages, thank you for giving us feedback in the comments section.

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