the new transport to go to Ikea stores.

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June 30, 2011

Are you going to Ikea? Now take advantage of the carpooling offered on their site, it is the new means of transport to go to Ikea stores.

Among Ikea lovers, we understand each other … and above all we can go together. What could be better than an exchange of good process and friendliness ?

Here is the principle:

1. You connect to the site and you sign up.

2. You can consult current announcements, whether they are passengers looking for driver or driver who proposes to take other people with him. You can also leave your ad to pick up passengers yourself.

3. There you have it, you just have to contact the person directly and agree on a Appointment.

Savings Realized

The Ikea carpooling is a good idea to save on your gasoline budget. And yes, thegasoline is really very expensive and if we can reduce our bill, we say yes.

Many of us go to this store on Sunday afternoon so why not save together, in all friendliness ? Ikea offers good prices when it comes to furniture, but if it’s to pay dearly for our gasoline to go there in return, no thanks.

The carpooling, it is the best way to save money, if in addition you practiceeco driving it is the best.

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