The New Bicycle Route that connects Norway to Spain.

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It is now possible to cross all of Europe by bike!

A new one 5,000 km cycle path connects Norway to Spain.

It is a brand new “cycle route”.

If you are in love with the bike and you like to discover new horizons, you will love it.

This new cycle path, called EuroVelo 3, was built between Trondheim in Norway and Santiago de Compostela in Spain.

Eurovelo3 a cycle path that goes from norway to spain

It crosses all of Western Europe for some 5,000 km. It is part of a vast European network of cycle routes, the EuroVelo.

At the origin of this incredible project is the European Cyclists Foundation (EFC).

The idea is to create a 100% cycle route throughout Europe.

The project is ambitious. In 2020, fifteen routes with a total length of 70,000 km will cover Europe, crossing 43 countries.

In France, there are already eight trails: the Atlantic Cycle Route (EuroVelo 1), the Central Europe Cycle Route (EuroVelo 4), the via Romea Francigena (EuroVelo 5), the Atlantic-Black Sea (EuroVelo 6) ), the Mediterranean cycle route (EuroVelo 8), the Baltic – Adriatic cycle route (EuroVelo 9), the Rhine and Rhône cycle routes (EuroVelo 15 and 17), and the latest one… the pilgrims’ cycle route (EuroVelo 3).

A cycle route that crosses 7 European countries

eurovelo3 route

France, but also Spain, Belgium, Germany, Denmark, Sweden and Norway are crossed by the 5,000 km of this extraordinary cycle path.

On French territory, it is called the Scandibérique: a contraction of Scandinavia and Iberia.

It takes place over 1,600 km, crosses 19 departments and passes through the largest forest in Europe: the Landes forest!

Cultural, festive and sporty, the pilgrims’ cycle route follows one of the Santiago de Compostela routes but also crosses Oslo, Hamburg, Paris and even Bordeaux.

The works to realize this giant cycle path started in 2015. Not all countries have finished them yet, but in 2020 they will be completely finished.

In France, we are lucky! She has opened in 2018. So get your bikes ready! Look :

If you are a fan of cycling like me, I recommend this book: EuroVelo 6 Atlantic-Black Sea: From Basel to Nevers. It is the longest cycle path in the world!

eurovélo 6 guide from the Atlantic to the Black Sea

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