The Navigo Pass Rate Changes in 2011: What You Need to Know.

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On July 1, 2011, the Navigo Pass changes its price, here is what you need to know about what will change.

This year, Navigo Passes are changing their prices, in favor of the most distant Parisian suburbs.

Zones 1 to 4 will see their prices increase by 2.7%, which will not be the case for zone 5 which will remain at same price, nor of zone 6 which merged with zone 5. Zone 6 will therefore benefit from the same tariff as that of zone 5.

In short, the more you live far from Paris and the less your transport will cost you.

RATP’s long-term objective is to decrease the number of zones, for the remove and make a single price for the whole Ile de France. By 2012, it will be a question of putting in place a system comprising only three zones, therefore three tariffs different only, instead of 5 today.

Savings made

Those who live far from Paris will be able to make savings on their transport budget. Indeed, for a monthly subscriber zone 1-6, the price will be 109.90 euros, instead of 123.60 to date, a measure that would still affect 130,000 people. Those who pay zone 1-5 will not see no difference to this change of zone and tariff.

These are the subscribers of the zone 1-4 who will see their budgets tighten: 2.7% on average of rise on their subscription. Especially since this new pricing takes effect from July 1st. What to privilege perhaps the carpooling in some cases…

You should also know that the prices can greatly decrease if you are students. For example, instead of paying 123.60 euros per month for zones 1-6, a student only pays 79.90 euros.

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