The Indispensable Check-List To Never Forget Anything Again.

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What to put in your suitcase?

This is the question everyone asks themselves before going on vacation.

Indeed, because nothing worse than arriving at the airport …

… to realize that you forgot your passport or swimsuit!

But thanks to this holiday checklist, no more stressful shots!

Just take a look at this holiday checklist to never forget anything again !

To print this list in PDF in one page, click here.

The checklist of all the things you need when packing.

How to use the checklist

This listing includes all items that one may need on vacation.

But that doesn’t mean you have to pack all of these items in your suitcase!

Use the suitcase checklist instead as a starting point, in order to create your own personalized list when you pack your suitcase.

Here is the list in text format with even more stuff you might need. Look :

What to bring on vacation? Discover the essential list for your suitcase


– passport
– visas
– several identity photos to apply for a visa abroad
– photocopies of important documents
– driving license + international driving license
– vaccination record
– health insurance certificate
– plane tickets
– bank cards + cash
– emergency telephone numbers
– travel banana belt to discreetly hide your tickets
– student card for reductions
– map of the city and country where you are traveling
– travel Guide
– phrasebook
– list of restaurants
– Post-it
– pen (s) + small notepad
– glue stick to stick your notes, addresses and diary
– address book + stamps
– large envelopes to post your purchases at home
– business cards with your email
– reading


– evening dress
– 2 to 4 T-shirts, shirts or blouses
– 2 pants, skirts or shorts
– 3+ pairs of socks
– 3+ underwear
– 3+ long and light underwear (for winter)
– swimsuit
– dark colored sweater to prevent stains from showing too much
– jacket in Goretex or other raincoat, or umbrella
– warm jacket
– light pajamas or long T-shirt for sleeping
– tie, scarf, shawl, headband or bandana
– gloves, mittens
– sun hat or cap
– belt


– walking sandals
– flip flops for taking a shower
– spare hiking boots and laces
– dress shoes and spare laces


– foldable travel bag with shoulder strap
– foldable luggage trolley
– small backpack, fanny pack or mini handbag for walks
– canvas bag for dirty laundry
– padlock and security cable

Electronic appliances

– camera
– camera equipment: lenses, flash, tripod, spare batteries, charger, USB cable
– blank SD card
– head torch + spare batteries and bulbs
– pocket alarm clock + spare batteries
– watch
– pocket calculator
– mobile phone + charger
– laptop + charger
– USB key
– universal adapter for electrical outlets

Convenient to have

– Swiss army knife or multi-tool
– scissors
– safety pins + string or plastic cable ties
– a spoon and fork, or this 2-in-1 spoon / fork
– plate + travel bowl
– compass
– whistle
– stainless steel bottle
– water purification tablets or magic straw
– energy bars for hiking
– door stop
– sewing kit
– Ziploc bags
– garbage bags
– Multi-use tape
– sunglasses, prescription glasses, contact lenses, physiological serum, cleaning wipes for glasses, copy of your prescription, spare glasses
– lighter or matches
– candle
– small gifts to offer

Toiletry bag

– toothbrush, toothpaste, dental floss
– razor + razor blades + shaving foam + after-shave balm
– comb, hairbrush
– shampoo + soap + soap box
– Cotton swabs
– deodorant
– nail clipper
– anti-fog travel mirror
– washcloth
– microfiber towel
– toilet paper
– antibacterial wipes
– moisturizer
– after Sun

First aid kit

– Pain killer
– anti-diarrhea treatment
– antiseptic spray
– antimalarial drugs
– mosquito repellent + mosquito net
– Sun screen
– lip balm
– tweezers
– bandages + first aid kit
– pads, tampons or menstrual cup
– pills and / or condoms
– vitamins + drugs you need
– dental appliance with case

To travel comfortably

– inflatable travel pillow
– earplugs + sleep mask
– collapsible water bottle and plastic cup
– sleeping bag + silk sack sheet
– ultra-light bivouac tent, blanket


– powder detergent
– braided latex travel clothesline + carabiners / hooks
– universal size sink stopper (flat)
– inflatable hangers to dry clothes

Your turn…

Have you used this checklist of things to take with you on vacation? Tell us in the comments if it was effective. We can’t wait to hear from you!

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