The Good Plan to Know Urgently In Paris!

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Did you know that there are restaurants in Paris serving food for free?

And did you know that these dishes are also excellent?

I tried the couscous and the mussels and fries and I have become a regular!

Let’s reframe things right away: the restaurants I want to tell you about are OPEN TO EVERYONE and have no crazy ulterior motives behind their heads.

They are neither poisoners nor con artists. No ! Just daring, smart and above all … human restaurants. Explanations:

List of free restaurants in Paris that serve mussels and fries or couscous

1. The principle

One or two evenings a week depending on the location, a good, well-stocked, hot and enticing dish is offered for any drink ordered.

So you have to spend a penny beforehand.

But admit all the same that good mussels and fries and a beer for only € 3 in total, it’s a great plan!

2. But why so much generosity?

I don’t have the exact answer but I made up my mind.

First, I have no doubts for a single moment that the restaurant owner must be a very generous human person.

Second, it allows you to have people in your restaurant even on low attendance evenings.

And as the world attracts the world, the reputation of the restaurant is even better!

3. And where are these fabulous restaurants hiding?

Who ?

Or ?



Belgian broth

6, rue Planchat (20e)

Wednesday evening

Couscous (and sometimes Moules-Frites)

The Tribal Café

3, courtyard of the small stables (10e)

Wednesday and Thursday evening

Fried mussels

Friday and Saturday evening


The Coordinator

142, rue Saint-Denis (2e)

Thursday and Saturday evening


The attic

152, rue Oberkampf (11e)

Friday and Saturday evening


Thursday Evening


Savings made

Main course + human warmth + conviviality = price of a drink

Better than inexpensive or low-cost restaurants, these restaurants have a double advantage.

In addition to being free, the atmosphere is TOP and the setting is generally very nice. It is at least 20 € saved. And at this price, it is restaurant every week!

For meals with friends, colleagues or even with your lover, the formula allows you to have a pleasant … no … an excellent evening!

Your turn…

If you know of other restaurants offering this type of formula, in Paris or elsewhere, do not hesitate to share the address in the comments. We can’t wait to hear from you!

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