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Whether it is for a refined, quality meal, or for a cozy hotel room, at, we have a good low-price plan: the hotel school, whose restaurants and hotels are run by the students.

To show you how they are more interesting than traditional restaurants, I have looked for some examples for you.

Students Train, Customers Eat at Low Prices

As Katia has already shown us with hairdressing schools, hotel high schools also offer restaurants and training hotels to the public at low prices, where students train in real conditions to perfect their teaching.

The prices are much lower there (about 25 to 50% less depending on the location) than those of classic hotels and restaurants because hotel colleges are not subject to the same charges as professionals.

It is the students who provide for all the clients’ needs: cooking, restaurant service, bartenders, butlers, hotel room service, etc. ; the watchword being the quality of service.

Restaurants and hotels are open to the public during the school period of the area concerned (A, B or C), in Week, and sometimes for specific events.

4 hotel schools to make you happy on the cheap

Thanks to hotel schools, we can combine great gastronomy and low prices!

Here are some examples (the prices quoted are excluding drinks), the choice was difficult:

1. La Rochelle (Charente-Maritime) Zone B

The hotel school of La Rochelle, reachable at for reservations, has 3 establishments located at Avenue des Minimes 17000 La Rochelle:

-> The Restaurant le Vieux Carré: it is possible to there lunch and there having dinner. In September 2012, the formula lunch (starter, main course, salad and cheese, dessert, all of your choice) was € 17.50.

An example of a menu, which whetted my appetite: Caprice Salad or Salmon marinated in dill // Buttered fish or Roasted pork mignon with mustard // Saint-honoré and Armagnac ice cream or Flambé prunes.

-> The Brasserie les Alizés, ideal for those who have little time to lunch. Prices range from 10 to 13.50 €, depending on the number of dishes. Here too, the customer has the choice between several dishes.

-> The Transatlantic Hotel has modern and comfortable rooms, accessible to people with reduced mobility. Parking is available to customers.

2. Biarritz (Pyrénées-Atlantiques) Zone C

2 rue Francis Jammes 64200 Biarritz

-> The restaurant offers lunch packages from € 12, dinner from € 24. To reserve:

Depending on the day, there is a single menu or the choice between a Land menu and a Sea menu.

Sample menu in January 2012: Smoked salmon with chive cream // Melba toasts or Madras lamb curry // Rice with dried fruits or Cream puffs.

Theme evenings, such as this Basque-Russian evening, are also regularly organized.

-> The hotel, can be reached at 05.59.41. 27.72, offers 10 rooms, for 1 to 2 people, from 31 to 39 € / night.

3. Bonneville (Haute-Savoie) Zone A

The Lycée Hôtelier François BISE welcomes customers at,

86 Rue Asnières 74130 Bonneville.

-> The restaurant is open for lunch and dinner, with a quick lunch menu for those in a hurry. Prices range from 12 to 14 € for lunch, and of 20 to 27 € for dinner. It is necessary to confirm your reservation in writing (mail, email or fax).

-> The hotel is equipped with 3 bedrooms, all with en-suite bathrooms, one with twin beds and the other two with double beds. It will cost you 30 to 38 € per nightwhether you are one or two people.

The breakfast cost € 4.50, and it is possible to reserve a dinner + night + breakfast formula at 50 € for one person.

It is even possible to purchase gift certificates to offer them to relatives.

4. Blois (Loir-et-Cher) Zone B

The school offers several options, can be reached at

174 rue Albert 1er 41000 Blois.

-> Gourmet restaurant on 17.4: the students, from the butler to the sommelier, welcome us like princes. Lunch menu : 16 €. Dinner menu: 25 €.

Example of a lunch menu in June 2013 (I’m starting to get seriously hungry …):

Seasonal variation around melon as a starter // Cod brandade au gratin with sage // Tiramisu.

-> The initiation restaurant, open between noon and two. Count from 9 to 12 € according to the menus. It is possible to reserve the same morning.

-> The hotel has 6 rooms of various categories: 50 € / night for a double room 2 stars, 85 € / night Double room 5 stars, 5 € for breakfast in the room.

For more establishments in France, I invite you to click here, the Paris region (zone C) alone has around ten establishments.

Part of the overseas departments and territories also have hotel schools.

Things to know before booking at the Lycée Hôtelier

As the students receive us during their school day, it is imperative to respect the school’s timetables, so as not to disturb the school rhythm.

The hotel schools have only a few places, so reservations are compulsory, sometimes up to 2 months in advance (the high school websites specify the deadlines).

Most of the time, the sites offer the possibility of subscribing to the high school newsletter.

And finally, tips are not allowed.

Some establishments also offer to welcome you for receptions or work meetings, which can make great savings compared to a hotel or the rental of a room and a caterer.

Depending on the location, it is also possible to take or offer a gastronomy course.

At home in Marseille, it’s the way to find a real affordable bouillabaisse!

And you, dear readers, have you ever had a meal or a hotel room in a hotel school? Do you intend to change your habits at the start of the school year? I look forward to your anecdotes and advice in the comments, your space.

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