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Do you know It is a new mutual aid system allowing individuals to exchange services for free.

There are enough of this crisis but rather than lamenting its fate or waiting for our dear politicians to get us out of this mess, I suggest you use our D system.

We all have diverse and varied skills. I love to cook. Why not use your skills as a handyman, as a cook, your skills as a mechanic, your knowledge of Math, French, English … One hour of your time and your skills is equivalent to one hour of the time and skill of another Internet user. on yakasaider;

How it works ?

All you have to do is provide your skills, for example in household help, and you will be contacted to help someone at home with cleaning or ironing. Once your work is done you can, for example, have your car repaired by a third party or get a math tutoring lesson for your child.

At Comment Économiser, we like this collaborative concept where sharing, exchange and mutual aid take precedence over money. Other collaborative sites highlighting this sharing economy are already listed on your magazine, such as Couchsurfing, carsharing, Zilok, Donnons …

Savings Realized

With, Internet users do not pay as long as they already have hours of services rendered. Only those who do not give of their time should put their hands in their pockets. In short, as soon as you have given a little of your time, you can benefit from the services of another. Not bad is not it ?

To make sure that you will also participate in the experience of mutual aid between individuals and therefore give your time, a deposit is required. It will be returned to you once you have done a favor, nothing too bad.
What do you think about this idea ? It reminds me of what our grandparents could do when they were helping each other. Like what it was necessary for the Internet to see the light of day for us to return to the good old methods of exchange … It’s up to you, give us your opinion in the comments?

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