The Comédie-Française is Free For those under 28!

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Do you dream of finally seeing a play from the very famous Comédie Française? If you are under 28, it will be very easy because it is free for you!

The Comédie Française is the quintessential French theater troupe to see perform at least once in your life. And the Royal Palace is definitely worth a visit. It’s still a luxury to be able to afford a ticket there.

Fortunately not for everyone. I am one of the under 28s. And as soon as a room makes me want, I always manage to get my place for free. I explain to you.

What Type of Free Places?

I am of course not winning a place in the first row. Of course not! But thanks to the patronage of the Caisse d’Epargne Ile-de-France, those under 28 can obtain free seats for performances in the Salle Richelieu.

The free places I am talking about are what we call “places with reduced visibility”, the dovecote in a way, the places for the poor. “Menfout” and I reassure you right away, I can see the room very well. N / A !

And then if there is a more pleasant spare chair, I have the right to grant it to myself during intermission. Good to know.

Two Constraints to Know

– This is only possible on the first Monday of the month.

– You have to do it in advance because many of us want to treat themselves to the Royal Palace free for an evening!

How to Get a Free Ticket?

Personally, I therefore arrive about an hour in advance at the counter of the “small office” (under the arcades of rue Richelieu) and I wait patiently, as wise as an image.

Uh I also admit one thing, exit the princess dress, I do not bother on that side, I stay with my clothes of the day. No but oh, don’t mess around;)!

If you are not 28

Don’t worry though. Justice is still a bit of this world. By proceeding in the same way, in advance in the same line for the ticket office of the small office, you can still obtain seats with reduced visibility for the modest sum of only 5 €. Worth it too, right?

And to finish, here is the link to the official program of the Comédie Française.

So despite all these constraints, would you like a “small” performance of the Comédie Française? Let’s discuss it in the comments.

Savings Realized

When we know that the normal price for seats in the Richelieu room is € 26 for children under 28, we are still very happy to be able to have a free seat.

If we allow ourselves one representation per quarter, it’s still € 104 saved per year. Me, I say YES!

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