The cheapest cinema in Paris for young people and lovers: the MK2 Bibliothèque.

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Do you live in Paris, and are you young students? So, you know how rich the UGC and other big cinema consider that the students are!

At around € 7 for a cinema ticket, they are absolutely ruinous!

Fortunately for us, there is a lenient and welcoming cinema: the MK2 Bibliothèque which offers unbeatable prices.

An Independent and Well Placed Cinema

MK2 Night library

The MK2 are all independent cinemas, which tend to offer quality films, very often in original version and at affordable prices. However, depending on the district and the MK2, these prices may vary.

This is where the MK2 Library interests us: locateduste next to the famous National Library of France, in the 13th arrondissement, it mainly receives a student clientele and rather young. And therefore, he decided to grant them particularly advantageous rates: € 4.90 for children under 26, or € 5.90 for children under 26 on weekends.

No need to ask for the student rate before a while, which always costs around € 7 (yes, even at the MK2 Library)!

For lovers

cinema seats

Why for lovers? Because the construction of this cinema (quite recent) was made under the sign of the couple, and the seats are therefore double-seats: the middle armrest is raised, in order to be able to snuggle up during the session.

The MK2 Library also offers a “couple” subscription card, valid for two people, for € 35.50 per month.

There you have it, you now know where to go to see the latest block-buster, or an auteur film, still in original version, and for not too expensive!

Do you know of other cinemas offering low prices? Tell us in the comments!

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