The carpooling solution for easy savings.

by admin (now blablacar) is the free carpooling site for all types of trips in France but also everywhere in Europe.

Carpooling is an American concept where you can access the left (fast) lane on the highway provided you are at least 2 in the car.

It is a way of supporting carpooling and reducing rush hour traffic and therefore pollution.

Like this practice, the Carpooling site is a platform that allows you to find people who want to share a trip. Either a Driver or a traveler.

– Are you a driver and want to reduce your “travel budget”?: You just have to make an offer by submitting an itinerary simply by filling in the fields: journey, date and leaving your contact details.

I did it to go to Strasbourg with my beautiful family last weekend. The weekend project put me at war. Visiting his beautiful family is more fun. So I decided not to pay more and therefore to offer the trip on Carpooling. I took a student returning from a trip to India and a pilot from an airline in Nigeria. I had a great trip, the pilot told us lots of interesting anecdotes about his travels and planes, and the student made us want to travel to India. It was a great meeting.

We did not use the highway, it is expensive and as long as the small roads on our way. So I only spent € 30 on gasoline. And I was paid by my co-drivers 45 €. So I made € 15 to go see my mother-in-law, which made the pill a bit easier.

– Similarly, if you are a passenger and you want to travel inexpensively, it’s no more complicated, you just have to choose the route you want to take. Then all you have to do is contact the driver to define the meeting point and the price of the trip.

It’s really handy for repetitive daily commutes to work or shopping. But it does not end there, with you can also go on vacation at a lower cost with short distances in France or long distances throughout Europe.

A super practical tool will allow you to see the average prices charged throughout France: The Car-Sharing Price Card. You will know how much a trip costs and you can compare it with the plane or the train. Look on the map, the Paris-Bordeaux is at 30 €, which is much cheaper than by plane or by train, especially if you do it at the last moment. iDTGV offers tickets between 40 and 80 € during off-peak periods.

Savings Realized

The savings here are pretty straightforward to calculate. Just divide the gasoline and toll costs on the trip by the number of people participating. To save as much as possible, you have to share with as many people as possible.

With gasoline prices so high and the crisis, carpooling is a very good solution to reduce expenses and travel cheaper by choosing collaborative consumption.

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