The Best Site to Swap Home and Travel for Free this Summer!

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Swapping your home for the holidays is the best way to go on vacation while significantly reducing your budget.

When accommodation is free, the vacation budget is already much more bearable.

But no question of lending his house to just anyone.

How to leave with confidence?

How to easily find a vacation home for this summer?

Here is, in our opinion, the best site to exchange your home.

Home Exchange: the Right Plan for Cheap Holidays

Swapping your house or apartment is not a new concept. We had already told you about it several months ago (see previous article. With the approach of the holidays, this is the opportunity for us to present to you the site that we consider to be the best: GuestToguest

Why We Recommend GuestToGuest?

To be a fan of home swapping and vacation apartment rentals between individuals, I can tell you that there are two essential points that few sites have been able to resolve. GuestToGuest has found the solution and the user experience is therefore greatly facilitated.

2 Problems to Solve

1. Easily find a home to trade. Home swapping can be complex because you have to find accommodation in the city or region of your choice that is available on the same dates as you. Cathy had also told us about her experience of exchanging apartments between Montpellier and Amsterdam. See the article here.

2. Trust the people who will come to you.

2 Innovative Solutions Offered by GuestToGuest to Find a Home Easily

GuestToguest offers 2 solutions to exchange your house or apartment:

1. Either you do house barter, you are exchanging your home with a family and that same family will come to your home. The advantage is that the dates don’t have to be the same. GuestToGuest guarantees the exchange even if it suits you to do it on different dates.

2. Either you lend your house to a couple and this couple gives you GuestPoints. Rather than going to their home in return, you are paid in GuestPoints.

With this 2nd option, the possibilities of finding a house quickly are multiplied. The GuestPoints you have obtained are used as currency for choosing your future vacation home on GuestToGuest.

Why can we trust GuestToGuest more?

GuestToGuest is a social network. It is not a classifieds only site. In this way you can exchange with your friends, your friends of friendsin short, people who are more or less close to you and whom you can trust.

There is also groups by area of ​​interest, allowing you to interact with people who have the same passion as you. If it’s the cinema, you’re likely to find plenty of DVDs and a cool home theater in your host’s house. If it’s gardening, you can take care of your host’s garden during your vacation and share about this common passion.

Do you know GuestToGuest? Do you practice the exchange of houses and apartments? Tell us about your good or bad experience in the comments.

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