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Yes, moving costs money, and no one has a quick fix to change that. However, there are tips to know when it comes to moving inexpensively. Here are 8 which, put end to end, allow you to reduce costs and not to break the bank.

A man carrying three boxes: How to move inexpensively: the 8 tips to know.

1 – Free Labor

Unmissable! Many are already doing this, but this is the first trick to not resorting to overpriced movers. Neighbors, family, entourage, there are certainly people who have a day to devote to you. Personally I did not hesitate to ask for their help, even if it means bribing them with a drink after moving :-).

2 – The Economic Transport Solution

I don’t have a car big enough to put all my stuff in, and I don’t have friends who have a truck either. So in these cases, we have to rent one.

Calculate the volume of what you need to transport, and take the right size of truck, so as not to waste space.

Taking a one-way ticket rather than a return ticket is more advantageous, and be aware that when you book online, it’s often cheaper (10 or 20%). Also, prefer retail chains that offer this service, to rental agencies.

These signs are often less expensive. The packages offered may also be interesting depending on your situation. For example, we can think of U Stores, and their online rental service (link here).

3 – Anticipate the Departure

It’s silly, but you can end up on D-Day with tons of things and trinkets that you no longer want. The best is to sort out your things and empty your cupboards gradually before leaving. Sell ​​your obsolete objects, and empty your attics so as not to collapse under boxes. A friend of mine did, he managed to make some money by moving =). Well done, right?

Remember that the truck will have to park for hours in front of the house or building. So, you can ask for a parking space at the town hall so as not to be hassled (To be provided 15 days in advance).

4 – Choose your Day

Watch out for the weekend! Moving during the week, preferably outside peak hours, is much cheaper. Less people and traffic. Take advantage of your vacation or your days off for example. Anyway, when we move, we mess everything up in the street with our boxes. It’s easier when there is nobody ;-).

5 – Store Items

If you have to store furniture or bulky items during the moving period (which is common), consider “self-storage”. This involves paying for a rental of space with guaranteed surveillance. Not very expensive and really practical, check out Boxplus (link to the site), for example which offers interesting offers.

6 – Collect Boxes

It is quite easy to find people around you who have it, hanging out in the attic. Also remember to question the traders, who often throw lots of them. They will be happy to give you some =). Me, I had no problem finding free.

7 – Between two Accommodation, get Hosted

If you don’t have your new keys yet, don’t hesitate to ask your loved ones if they don’t have a piece of the sofa to lend you while you wait. Considering the price of hotels, it’s definitely worth taking it upon yourself and camping a few days in their living room.

8 – Do not Close Contracts

If we terminate our electricity, water and gas contracts, it makes us pay opening costs in the new accommodation. Choose file transfer instead. Ask the former occupants to read the counters, and voila.

So, are you ready? Please do not hesitate to leave me comments if you have any questions or other valuable advice for us!

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