The 5 Best Tips From Our Readers.

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As you know, you can offer your personal tips on our site. Here are the ones that caught our attention, and especially which are not already online on

1 – The Good Plan of Decourcelle

Decourcelle advised us on the site. This is a site where individuals can register, and exchange services without paying anything. DIY, gardening, childcare or animals, anything is possible! Thank you for this Decourcelle tip.

2 – Jerome’s Clever Council

A handy extension called Shoptimate. When you want to buy a product from an online merchant, a bar at the top of the page tells you if that product is available elsewhere for less. It’s quick and easy. You can thank Jerome for sharing this with us =).

3 – The Tip of Oilvieri

Do you have a few poor ingredients left in your fridge, and you don’t know what to do with them? Go to Yanncook! Olivieri explained to us that it was a search engine for recipes.

We type in what we have as ingredients, and Yanncook gives us all the recipes we can make with them. Practice not? Thanks Olivieri, it’s a really great tip ;-).

4 – Le Bon Truc d’Andréa

Andréa informed us of the existence of “menstrual cups”. This is a feminine hygienic protection that costs 24 € 99 (amazon link here). It replaces tampons and pads.

Without chemicals, they prevent irritation, odors and allergies. Of course you have to wash them after use. Contrary to what you might think, it’s apparently as clean as traditional towels. Thank you for your advice Andréa.

5 – The Site of an Anonymous Reader

Reader Anonymous told us about a site called Bankeez. It is a tool to organize the purchases of common gifts. It’s true, who has never been afraid of not being reimbursed by his friends, after having advanced everyone?

With Banqueez, we create a kitty, we invite people to participate in the gift, and we collect contributions. It’s practical and you had to think about it. Thank you Anonymous for sharing this with us.

Do not hesitate to leave comments for your remarks on these tips and then to offer us other good plans or clever tips like these! See you on our dedicated page.

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