The 2012 Film Festival, Get Ready!

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The Fête du Cinéma starts again this year from June 24 to 27. A good opportunity to have fun and see lots of movies for tickets at low prices.

I’ve been missing the movie festival for 3 years. So this year, it’s decided, sun or not, I have two days of dark rooms! And then the Cannes Film Festival has so frustrated me this year that I have every intention of making up for it.

1. The Principle of the Event

Nothing’s easier. You pay your first cinema ticket at the usual rate, then each additional film will cost you only 2.50 €. Or for me, at 2 films a day for four days, I am ready to save 25 € by June 24. After 8 films, I will be prowled.

2. The Benefits of the Film Festival

What I like about this event is that I feel ready to take all the risks when it comes to film. At 2 € 50, I allow myself the right to make mistakes. Well I still avoid missing me 8 times eh 🙂 The trick is to look at the heads of people at the exit of the theaters …

And then June 24 is a Sunday, so we cannot pretend to work and still miss a good opportunity. Hey no! We start on Sunday and if we work Monday, we go back there after work. When we love, we do not count vindiou.

And the icing on the cake, the film festival ends on a Wednesday, the day of the premieres, of the film releases. So even more choice of films to go see … or see again if we were so fond of the seagull.

3. Ma p’tite Sélection

Well, I want to warn you, I love cinema but I’m not an expert and my tastes could make a lot of moviegoers laugh … but “menfout” is 2 € 50!

– Le Grand Soir, because I’m a big fan of Kerven and Delépine and I’m definitely not going to miss the new one

– Prometheus, because Alien is all my adolescence and visionary science fiction is my hobbyhorse. But not too much.

– Ich bin eine Terroristin, for the Cartharsic side of my revolutionary ego but also because it will certainly not be able to harm my politico-historical culture.

– Goodbye Berte, to laugh “a little crazy” and because I love Valérie Lemercier as much as Denis Podalydès.

– Starbuck, because the summary calls out to me: “As he prepares to be a father, David Wosniak, an eternal 42-year-old teenager, discovers that he is the anonymous parent of 533 children determined to find him.” (released on June 27)

– Wrong, because it looks completely crazy and quirky while being full of poetry. The mixture attracts me. (released on June 27)

– Good and then like every movie festival, I’ll have a hard time choosing. We hope that “On the Road”, “Moonrise Kingdom”, “De Rouille et d’os” and many more are still playing. Come on, let’s remember that “To choose is to give up” wrote André Gide.

And you, which films will you see? Let’s share our program together in comments.

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