The 11 Tips To Remember For Your Beach Days.

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Do you want to have a great time at the beach?

These tips are for you!

Plan your day and don’t let the unexpected ruin your life.

How? ‘Or’ What ? As shown in the image below.

Here are the 11 tips to remember for your beach days:

Tips To Remember For Your Beach Days

1. Do you have sand stuck on your hands and feet?

Bring a bottle of baby powder (talcum powder) with you to the sea. Take a handful and rub your skin to remove the sticky sand.

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2. Want to hide your keys?

Take an empty sun lotion bottle. Clean it well and dry it. Put your keys, your money and your mobile in it so as not to tempt thieves. In addition, your belongings are protected from water.

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3. Need to keep the snack cool?

Fill a freezer bag with water and freeze it for an ice pack. After tasting it, empty it and store your wet swimsuit in it.

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4. Are you tired of your towel flying off?

Sew pockets at the corners. Put your things in so that the towel is heavier and does not fly off.

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5. Don’t want to bother with a cooler?

Bring an insulated bag to store your fresh produce without taking up too much space.

6. Are your ears blocked?

Blow 3 or 4 times on a balloon to remove water from your ears and unclog them.

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7. Do you have lots of sand in your hair?

Use a vacuum cleaner nozzle to remove the sand from your hair. Do not try on long hair!

8. Have you been stung by a jellyfish?

Rinse the bite with sea water. To remove the venom, put sand mixed with water on your skin and scrape with a seashell or pebble.

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9. Did you break your flip flops?

Use a bag tie (sandwich bread or brioche for example) to repair your flip flops temporarily.

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10. Want to protect your phone from sand?

Put it in a freezer bag. The touchscreen even works with the bag.

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11. Don’t want to burn your hands on the wheel?

Turn the steering wheel 180 ° while parking.

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